Chen Hosting

Get a website! Need some money?

Affordable web hosting

We offer web hosting plans for various needs, from personal blogs to larger forums. Your website can be made available over Tor, I2P, or both. See plans and pricing.

Simple and secure

Websites are served from a LEMP stack. More specifically, they run under a virtualised Arch Linux instance with the latest nginx, PHP, and MySQL versions and their dependencies. Read the technical details.

SFTP access is set up for you so you can easily and securely upload and manage your Web files. Learn how this works.

For convenience, we also offer limited SSH access so you can download and unzip files directly to your website. If you don't know what this is or how to use it, ask us for help.


Need a custom website configuration? We can work with you to provide solutions outside of our normal plans. Talk with us.

Lenient policy

We advocate unconditional freedom of speech, so you can talk about whatever strikes you as important. Tor and I2P make it easier to share these ideas. Read our full policy. We promise it isn't too long.